Applause Rural Touring is an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation based in Kent, a rural touring scheme that supports communities throughout Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex to access professional theatre, music and other performing arts.

We are looking to commission between 4-8 writers from the South East (we may commission more than one story from each writer) who are committed to co-creation and have experience of developing work through community engagement to create inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining narratives. We want to capture a diverse range of voices, especially those that are often unheard.

Full brief and information on how to apply can be found below.

You can also download the Job Description and Equal Opportunities form.

Deadline for Applications: 1st Feb, 2021 5pm.

The Full Harvest Writers Brief Final

The Full Harvest Writers Brief Final Large Print

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Equal-Opportunities-Monitoring-form-Recruitment 16pt

What is the commission?

The Full Harvest will be a collection of 10 audio stories that will explore areas of the South Downs National Park and will be made available as podcasts for people to listen to while they walk and/or broadcast on radio and social media (exact output tbc)

The stories will capture the magic of the landscape, helping local people to reconnect with the South Downs and see it as a place that is of relevance to them and their lives. They will also provide an interesting resource to better link people to info on habitat and wildlife and support wellbeing and resilience.

The project is being produced by Applause Rural Touring (ART), supported by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) and working with Inroads Productions.

Lead writer, Sara Clifford will create two of the stories using material generated from a previous collaboration with Applause/SDNPA and will manage the facilitation of the community engagement activity plus support the writers in delivering their stories.

The 10 stories will have a reading time of 10-15 minutes (c.3,000 words ), and will be recorded with voice artists and made available digitally.

Writers can be working in different forms  – fiction, poetry, spoken word or performance- but will all have a  proven commitment to engaging with communities to tell stories with, by and for those communities.

The community engagement may include workshops, visits and talks – subject to government guidance, alongside desk-based research and zoom interviews in your focus area.

The writers will need to have experience of working with and writing for one of the following target groups:

  • Young people aged 16-24
  • People from BAME communities
  • People with disabilities/health inequalities
  • People from areas of higher social deprivation


The project will focus on the seven rivers across the South Downs, using them to work with communities, to trace and tell local and untold stories.

  • Cuckmere
  • Ouse
  • Itchen
  • Adur
  • Rother
  • Arun
  • Meon

Target Audience for the audio stories

  • people who are keen to dig beneath the surface of places
  • people who want to learn more about history and heritage
  • people who want to learn more about nature and wildlife
  • people who want to expand their understanding of places, communities, cultures and contexts
  • young people who may not know about the SDNP
  • People who might traditionally have felt alienated by, or excluded from, visiting the SDNP?

What is the Timeline?

    • Writers brief:                                                           15 Jan
    • Deadline for applications:                                       1 Feb
    • Shortlisting/Interviews/selection:                             8-11 Feb
    • Community Engagement:                                       March/April
    • Delivery of stories for recording:                             no later than 10 May
    • Recording and production:                                     10 – 31 May
    • Audio Stories delivered for distribution                   1 June

Writers Fees:

  • £500 per story commissioned
  • £150 per day plus travel for community engagement activity (c. 1 day or equivalent hours per story)

How do you apply?

Applications to be sent to [email protected]  by 1 Feb 2021 at 5pm.

Please complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form and send your application and CV using ‘The Full Harvest Writers” as the subject of your email. We are happy to accept word documents or pdfs.

What should your application include?:

  • Creative CV with links to your work
  • No more than one side of A4 outlining your specific experience for this project taking in consideration the following:
  • Target Group – Your experience of working with one or more of our target groups. Highlighting when the activity took place, how you engaged them in a writing project, any challenges you addressed and successes achieved.
  • Community Engagement – Provide some suggestions of how we might undertake community engagement in the current Covid-19 environment with your chosen target group. While we would hope for some face-to-face working (subject to Govt Guidelines) we would also like to hear about the other ways that you feel you could safely engage the community/communities in your approach to writing the story.
  • Demonstrate a connection to the local landscape having lived or worked in the South East.
  • Completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.

Applause Rural Touring is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. We actively encourage people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We are particularly keen to hear from people of colour and candidates who self-identify as disabled.

If you would like any information in a different format please contact [email protected]

Background on the project

The Full Harvest is a development of the highly successful Writer in Residence project that was delivered in partnership with SDNPA in 2019. Following an extensive outreach and community engagement programme, a new one-person play, ‘Cherry Soup’ was written and directed by Sara Clifford. This subsequently toured to 9 venues across the region as part of the ACE funded Inn Crowd project.

While developing Cherry Soup in 2019 writer Sara Clifford gathered many stories from people engaged in the community activity that were not used in the original play. The Full Harvest will utilize some of the existing stories along with new material gathered during further community activity. These community led reflections of the South Downs will offer an opportunity for a new set of diverse voices to be shaped and heard by a wider audience.

The stories will explore areas of the South Downs landscape, which for many people has become more important during and after lockdown and COVID 19 restrictions in the context of their wellbeing and resilience and will also provide an interesting resource to better link people to info on habitat and wildlife in their area.

The Full Harvest will engage writers from the South East who will create 10 new 10/15 minute stories. The audio stories will be used in a multiple of ways – recorded and then made available for free via partners websites, social media and other digital platforms and broadcast (radio) following on from the successful BBC Radio Sussex serialisaton of Cherry Soup) which was aired over a three-week period on Radio Sussex/Surrey in August 2020.