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How I Came To Be Where I Never Was

Jonny Fluffypunk: How I Came To Be Where I Never Was

How do you find yourself when you find yourself where you don't belong? Jonny Fluffypunk grew up in the far-flung, forgotten reaches of outer suburbia. In 1984, he was fifteen. This is a story about being the first punk in the village and the only trainspotter in eyeliner. About unrequited love and youth clubs and John Peel and the forgotten gods of small record shops; about making your own myth and letting go and a million everyday life-changing moments in the back end of nowhere. This is a one-hour, energetic and engaging solo performer piece that fuses elements of theatre, storytelling, comedy, ‘stand-up poetry’ (think John Cooper-Clarke not John Keats) and even a bit of ukulele.

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The Six Bells Wednesday 26th September 2018   20:30

The White Lion, Selling Saturday 29th September 2018   21:00

Battle Brewery and Bottle Shop Saturday 6th October 2018   20:00


Wassail Theatre: HORSES! HORSES!

“The Pub is the Hub, ladies and gents, so it’s use it or lose it time”. Johnny’s putting on a Big Fun Night fundraiser at the Nags Head, and your all invited! But this is no charity night. Truth is, Johnny desperately needs to find some cash to win back his wife. She left him when he sold her horse to raise some money, and now he needs to buy her a new horse to tempt her back! HORSES! HORSES! is written in darkly humorous style in the language of the pub and performed amongst regular pub-goers with pub games, pints, crisps, heartbreak and laughter, country music, lots of karaoke, an Elvis impersonator and possibly a little bit of Morris dancing. Shortlisted for the Tobacco Factory Theatres’ Scriptspace Award, HORSES! HORSES! was developed through Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

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The Rose and Crown @ Mundy Bois Friday 5th October 2018   20:45

The George Inn Sunday 7th October 2018   18:30


Two Gents Productions: Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest is Oscar Wilde's classic, very witty and laugh out loud comedy of mistaken identities, confusion and cucumber sandwiches. On the surface it's a light, fluffy jibe at the nonsensicalness of the English upper class at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. At a deeper level, it is also a profound plea for substance, commitment and compassion in the way we treat each other and in the way we confront adversity.

It is this second, deeper level that Two Gents examines from the very contemporary perspective of the migrant and the outsider. Told with wit and deft humour, two actors with only the barest minimum of props and costume will rock up in your village hall, draw you into their performance and unfurl a riot of love, confusion and high jinks to share with you Oscar Wilde's oh so current insistence on the importance of being EARNEST.

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All Saints Church, Allhallows Saturday 6th October 2018   19:30

Robertsbridge Village Hall Saturday 13th October 2018   19:30

Otford Village Memorial Hall Sunday 14th October 2018   19:00

Froojamaflip and Fred

Curious Creations: Froojamaflip and Fred

This unique garden themed duo are a high impact and visual act, full of quirky detail, especially designed to encourage a better understanding of the natural environment. Inspired by the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Froojamaflip is an 8ft stilted character, created from handmade, painted and textured fruit and vegetables. From head to toe he’s crafted with a stunning eye for detail and will be brought to life with a series of individual animatronic effects. Through storytelling, this walkabout act brings to life 'Lucy Leek’, 'Bertie Banana' and ‘Adam Apple’ but watch out as some of the fruit and vegetables are not quite what they seem! Accompanied by Fred the gardener they will give away seeds, fruit and vegetables as part of this wonderful walkabout act.

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Tenterden Folk Festival Sunday 7th October 2018   12:00

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