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The Case Of The Rhyming Crime

Holmes and Watson:: The Case Of The Rhyming Crime

See Holmes and Watson as never before, as Arthur Conan Doyle’s adventures are turned into clever verse and lively lyrics by accomplished spoken word performer, Dr Sam Illingworth and writer Mr Dan Simpson.
Join this famous duo in a razor-sharp exchange of words as their conversation becomes a spectacular display of rhyme and reasoning. But as the consulting detective and his trusty Doctor companion recount their successful cases in verse and metre, not all is as it seems… Sherlock and poetry are totally complementary and what’s the result? Why – it’s completely elementary!

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The Snowdrop Inn Wednesday 20th June 2018   20:30

The Plough at Leigh Thursday 21st June 2018   19:00

The Chequers Inn Friday 22nd June 2018   20:15

Froojamaflip and Fred

Curious Creations: Froojamaflip and Fred

This unique garden themed duo are a high impact and visual act, full of quirky detail, especially designed to encourage a better understanding of the natural environment. Inspired by the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Froojamaflip is an 8ft stilted character, created from handmade, painted and textured fruit and vegetables. From head to toe he’s crafted with a stunning eye for detail and will be brought to life with a series of individual animatronic effects. Through storytelling, this walkabout act brings to life 'Lucy Leek’, 'Bertie Banana' and ‘Adam Apple’ but watch out as some of the fruit and vegetables are not quite what they seem! Accompanied by Fred the gardener they will give away seeds, fruit and vegetables as part of this wonderful walkabout act.

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Speldhurst Village Fete Saturday 23rd June 2018   11:00

Isfield Village Fete Sunday 24th June 2018   12:00

Arches Local Summer Event Saturday 7th July 2018   12:00

Create Music Festival, Ashford Tuesday 17th July 2018   12:00

Icklesham Summer Fete and Flower Show Saturday 4th August 2018   12:00

Art in The Park Saturday 11th August 2018   11:00

Hurst Festival Sunday 16th September 2018   12:00

Tenterden Folk Festival Sunday 7th October 2018   12:00


Bellow Theatre: Gobble

Join us round the stew-pot, pull up a chair, roll-up your sleeves. We think it’s time we talked about food, and we’re inviting you to come and tuck in. We tell stories at feasts and family meals. We spill our hearts over breakfast and dinner. But sometimes the ingredients we use are a little strange. Sometimes the tales we tell become a little twisted. So, how do we become at one with our appetites? With a mixture of cheese chunks and chocolate cake, award winning storytelling company Bellow Theatre dish up a family-friendly food frenzy of a production, ideally suited for outdoor spaces and pub gardens.

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Salehurst Halt Sunday 24th June 2018   14:00

The Chequers Inn Sunday 26th August 2018   12:30

Down The Pub With Luke Wright

Luke Wright: Down The Pub With Luke Wright

Flamboyant, political and riotously funny, Luke Wright creates inventive poems with loads of heart. Part Essex wide boy, part dandy fop, he writes from the sidelines about small-town tragedies and national farce, then performs his work with snarl and spit. Since 2006 he has written and performed nine spoken word shows and two verse plays, touring them to top literary and arts festivals. Alongside his own shows, Luke is John Cooper-Clark’s regular support act, performing at venues such as The London Palladium and The Palace Theatre in Manchester. He’s won a 4Talent Award, a Stage Award, a Fringe First Award, a Saboteur Award, and a NFBC short film competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

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Salehurst Halt Sunday 8th July 2018   17:00

The Albion Thursday 19th July 2018   20:00

The Star Inn, Waldron Wednesday 25th July 2018   19:30

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