Owdyado Theatre, based in Cornwall, had their tour of Twisted Tales Vol 2 sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since then they have been busy creating new work online for audiences to enjoy! We had a chat with Dan and Charlotte to find out what they’ve been up to in lockdown:

Where are you and members of your company currently working from?

Our home in Penryn, Cornwall

What are you doing at the moment? Do you have any current online content that we could share with our audiences?

Twisted Tales Fireside Classics are a way for ‘Owdyado to share some of our favourite stories that go to influence our own Twisted Tales. You can hear some classic tales of terror, twists and intrigue performed by our cast. So, grab yourself a drink, get the fire roaring, settle down in your comfiest armchair and enjoy our Twisted Tales Fireside Classics.

We have also just announced that after two and a half weeks, we have finally read all three hundred and thirty-five scripts that were submitted for our “Twisted Tales in Lockdown!” writing competition – a challenge to write a 5-minute ‘twisted’ audio drama using the word “isolation” as a starting point.

As you may expect from the number of submissions, there were many, many great scripts to choose from. It was a pleasure reading them all and truly inspiring to see the breadth of talent and imagination out there.

But we had to whittle down the scripts to five winners and five runners up! We are delighted with our selection and look forward to recording these and sharing them with you all! https://owdyado.co.uk/lockdown/ 

Also look out for Twisted Tales Vol 1 coming as audio dramas soon!

Can you recommend or share anything you have seen online for our audiences to enjoy?

We’re enjoying the National Theatre productions every Thursday on YouTube and also we’re doing a free trial of Audible (through Amazon) and listening to radio plays of The Twilight Zone (one of our all-time favourite TV series😉). Also there are free podcasts on the BBC sounds website called Inside Inside No.9 which is a behind-the-scenes look at another one of our favourite programmes Inside No.9 (another big influencer of Twisted Tales)

Do you have any top tips for staying inspired/creative/busy/entertained during lockdown?

It’s really helping us having our audio project to do so we recommend for anybody who has time on their hands and is bored of the lockdown to set themselves a specific goal with a time-limit!