While we are in lockdown, many of our Applause Indoor and Outdoor artists and performing companies have been getting creative at home, making work and sharing it online, as well as embracing the challenges of daily life that we are all experiencing!

We are turning the Spotlight on some of our artists, and asked them what they are up to currently…

Spotlight on Eduardo Niebla

In a career spanning four decades, guitar virtuoso and composer Eduardo Niebla has been acclaimed as one of the most potent forces in flamenco jazz fusion. His highly lyrical style, with explorations into Indian, Arabic and classical music, have resulted in the most electrifying, brilliant and poignantly poetic guitar playing on the world circuit.

We asked Eduardo a few questions about his experience of lockdown…

Where are you currently working from?

I am based at home in a little village Sutton Howgrave in North Yorkshire and I have a nice space where I can compose, practice and record my compositions and I can experiment new ideas with my recording system. My guitar accompanist is based in London and he is working hard and very systematically learning his guitar parts for my compositions.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am doing a lot of research in the internet about the effect of Corona virus in different parts of the world and was planning to compose a piece of music about that . With images downloaded from the internet, some friends recommend me to get a computer Imac to do the film editing and putting everything together  for my composition …. .  I have a website that people are free to check and listening to my music… www.eduardoniebla.com

Can you recommend or share anything you have seen online for our audiences to enjoy? 

Yes ,  I post lots of very funny and moving things on the village group on WhatsApp …is good to keep the spirit up.

Do you have any top tips for staying inspired/creative/busy/entertained during lockdown?

Keep yourself busy and positive . And what ever you do put you hard to it …be cutting the grass , cleaning ,cooking or practicing . Be methodical …. One step at a time . And observe life. Learn something new …a language ..or repair something that needs to be repair …You’ll find tons of info in the internet on how to do it.