We celebrate the brilliant female promoters we work with, women who work tirelessly in their communities to bring creativity to the heart of their communities.

Liz started her journey as a promoter by joining the PTA whilst her children were at school. She learnt the ropes from Cathie Corbin a teacher at Uckfield College. Together they saw a great opportunity to bring professional theatre to Uckfield in the Pamphilon Theatre.

Liz expanded the programme bringing 6 shows a year to the theatre, creating a membership scheme and getting sponsorship from local businesses. It became a hub for the community with people coming early on a Friday night to meet friends and have a drink at the bar – in Uckfield Friday night was theatre night!

Supported by Clare Summons, a senior member of staff, Liz engaged with local primary schools and introduced a Christmas matinee show at the Pamphilon.

Liz listened to her community, using feedback forms to get the programme just right, introducing new work but also balancing the needs of an audience which ranges in age from 8-80.  As she became more confident, Liz developed a mixed programme of family shows and more adult work.

Liz has always loved working with Applause and appreciated the support from Ann in finding suitable shows, a few of her “Applause” highlights are:

Liz has worked for 7 years on the Uckfield Festival – a 9 day annual festival in July. Applause supported Liz to book a “special’ festival show each year.  On The Box, Bowjangles Theatre Company, was such a hit it got a standing ovation!

Working with Sally at Applause she has in recent years booked an outdoor show to go into the Big Day programme.   Spectators have loved shows such as Rat Choc Chip, Culinary Duel, Arbor The Tree.

Liz approached St Mary’s Church which led her to work in partnership with Keith Revoir of St Mary’s Church, Buxted for the site-specific Our June’s Wedding.   This was a great chance for the church to open its doors to the wider village community.  The church was so delighted by the sell-out show they requested an annual show in the Parish Calendar and have subsequently enjoyed Brilliance and Mountain Musicl.

We love the cross-pollination that Liz encourages through her role as Promoter.  She has grown a theatre-going habit in her local community and encouraged people into new spaces.

We were keen to find out what Liz has been doing for the past year.  Embracing the fact that we have all spent a lot of time consuming TV and Radio, she established a Viewers’ Forum with friends and family.   Conducted on Skype they hold regular meetings to discuss what they have been viewing/listening to.  Like a Book Club they would then discuss the content which provided for some great cross-generational learning and debate!

She’s also been enjoying a bit of armchair travel by utilising virtual gallery tours – so she has been to the Guggenheim, Bilbao, the John Paul Getty museum, California and even VOMA – an entirely virtual gallery.

Liz has been staying in contact with her theatre members circulating links to online arts like the RTDI dance links from Applause and will be sending them some of our recent Winter Warmers poems to spread some cheer.

She is looking forward to 2021 and a return to events in her community – the Uckfield Festival is scheduled to happen as a weekend event in July and the possibility of indoor theatre resuming later in the year.