Sunday 1 December
7:30 PM

Bredhurst Village Hall, Hurstwood Road, Bredhurst, Kent, ME7 3JZ, Maidstone

Follow Sherlock Holmes through Victorian London in chase of an evil mastermind. Then go on a quest with Montana Jones to Egypt with a love cursed Mummy and a Nazi spy! With a nod to the golden age of British humour, this show features farcical physical comedy and quirky musical parody, allowing audiences of any age to escape from everyday life into a world of pure unadulterated enjoyment. Using both outrageously catchy pop songs and obscure 80s ballads even your mum won’t have heard of, Last Chance Saloon take you on a whirlwind adventure. For almost 2 hours, 3 men, will play over 100 characters, with at least 3 different accents. You’ll see them dance, you’ll see them cry, you’ll see things you wish you could un-see. With good old-fashioned British humour and an intriguing interpretation of world history, the Saloon Boys will have you laughing your lungs out, crying out for more and wondering why they don’t all have modelling contracts

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