Saturday 31 August
11:00 AM

St Georges Square, George Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 2NG

The Open Air Drawing-Room begins with an antiquated artists drawing group setting up for some landscape painting. Arrival and un-packing of folding stools, easels, flasks, other knick-knacks and sandwiches etc But this is no ordinary show – for the audience will be drawn into the group! Inspired by JMW Turner. A story that delightfully mixes historical biography with the fast contemporary world we now occupy. An invitation to slow-down. Paint a stone – for Turner – for The Turner Contemporary! Selected from 31 stones – a mini museum- each one from the coast of the British isles and named after the atmospheric areas of the shipping forecast . These stones were old when Turner was young. They will still be here when we are gone. We consider Time. We consider Art. Each artist (audience member) also makes a Cyanotype portrait which will be exhibited as a mirror image to the final painting – A Sea of Faces – embracing Turner’s pioneering interest in photography and his desire to find new ways.